Let's playtogether


Paul, the cute one. But he was so much more!
If  I was going to say anything about Paul I would say that the first time I saw him I was surprised.
I never expected that England had such good looking guys there. But then all of the Beatles are good looking and intelligent too. Wow! What a package they were and still are.

Worth more than $1.00 to me

This dollar bill has his signature on it. I got it as change in
1967. It's a little worn now but I think you can still see it.

This is his signature too. Do they match?

Pauls Signaature

Can you see it? I know, I know, it's hardly visible but it is old. I've had it since 1967. I got it as change at a little grocery store near my apartment in San Jose, CA. I don't think the person that paid for their bread or milk new what they were doing. Or maybe they did. Anyway, I've had it since then and I think I better get it preserved soon or it will fade altogether..

Paul Singing                    

Just The Two Of Them

The two of them fought for animal rights and that is one of my reasons for being on this planet. Animals have the same right to be here as we do and we can live without eating them for our survival. Take a pledge to stop eating these precious animals. Let them live as we live, without fear of being devoured.

They had a cause together

Click here to view my Tribute To Linda page.

Join them

Linda supported Peta and Paul still does. Look them up and see what you can do.

It's up to us to stop the cruelty.


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