Do not fear what you do not understand,
learn from it, and let it enrich your life.

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Kissing The Flowers

The Fae are all around us you know, and if you haven't seen them yet, do not fret, they'll let you see them when you are ready.
In the mean time, you can visit my page or any other Faerie page and you
will get a little glimpse.


Kissing The Buds



If you have seen my other pages you must know that I'm very much into Magick. This page has Faerie Magick in it as you will see as you move through it.

I Believe!

Feed The Fey!

Fiona is a lovely lady who has a wonderful site where you can get Faeries.
Check her out! You'll be enchanted.

site is owned by Krystal Starr 

Krystal Starr

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Sadly this site is gone.

As does this flower..
so we shall grow and bloom together.


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