Do not fear what you do not understand,
learn from it, and let it enrich your life.


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 In 1971 I moved to Kilkee Ireland because I wanted my daughter, who was 7 years old at that time, to have a safer place to live. America was going through major changes . Nixon was President and the governor of California was an other Republican, Ronald Reagan. Drugs were rampent and the Manson murders had just happened and it was just an ugly time. My daughter's safety was more important to me than anything. So I started looking... England was a good place but unfortunately the Brits were as bad off as we were. Italy was another thought because I'm of Italian descent, but I couldn't speak the language. Sad huh?
Then I began seeing Richard Harris on several TV shows like "Johnny Carson" and "Mike Douglas" and he would talk about this wonderful place in Ireland where he lived part of the time. He painted a beautiful picture and I totally fell in love with Ireland. So because of Richard Harris I made one of the most important decisions of my life. I bought books on Ireland and tried to learn all I could. I even joined an Irish club as an honorary member because I am not Irish I am Italian by birth. I sold everything I couldn't bring with me and moved to BEAUTIFUL IRELAND.
I arrived in Kilkee, Co Clare on January 6, 1971 and checked in  The Queen Victory Hotel with my daughter Gennine and had the experience of my life.
I had saved some money and wanted to open a little sandwich shop but I didn't know much about business at that time and my plan failed  so I lived there as long as I could, fell in love a couple of times had the best time of my life..

I'm hoping to put my experiences in a novel someday. Part true and part fiction so it would end the way I wanted it to end.


Dromoland Castle
Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland

Dromoland Castle 1971
Dromoland Castle 1971
I stopped here on my way back from the Shannon Airport.
This picture was in color but it is so faded that shades of gray looks better.

Another shot of Dromoland Castle


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