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I was born in San Francisco, CA on May 31, 1941. I came into being at Children's Hospital and my doctor was Doctor Alexander. The time of day was 11:16 A.M. What a great day that was for my mom. She had spent the last seven months of her pregnancy in bed as she had lost two before me. She was a Catholic and prayed to the Virgin Mary that I would be born a female and that I would be born in May but not on the 30th as we celebrated Memorial Day on the 30th  at that time. She dedicated me to the Mother Mary and promised that she would do everything in her power to bring me up to worship her. Little did she know that I would eventually come to that, but I'd call her the Mother Goddess.

It's all in the family.
My First Communion. My cousin Butch is standing next to me.  He was my favorite cousin that lived in San Jose.  My brother, Johnny is next to Butch and my cousin Ray is behind Butch. Ray was also my favorite but he lived in Healdsburg, CA
I spent the first eight years of my life in San Francisco, going to Catholic school and believing that God was going to get me if I did anything wrong. My mom had a nervous breakdown during that time and the doctor told her she should move to where her family was, so we moved to San Jose. I thought we moved to the country because there was mostly orchards and dirt. I loved it! My dad was a butcher and he made a good living but he didn't want to buy a home. He wanted to rent so he wouldn't have to pay for repairs on the house. To bad because this is Silicon Valley and the house would have been worth a fortune now. But that wasn't meant to be. We lived comfortably anyway. I went to school and got married and my daughter was born in 1963. That was the best day of my life. She has been my best friend ever since. What a joy to have this precious little person in my life. We are still best friends and I don't ever see that changing.

My Heros!!!

In 1964 I was introduced to The Beatles via The Ed Sullivan Show and my whole life changed. My husband at that time was spending time in prison for a parole violation (such a winner) and I was on welfare. As I heard more and more of their music I became inspired to fix my life.

I divorced my then husband and got a good job in a semiconductor plant and my daughter and I moved to a cute apartment. Then I met Herb who proved to be my best male friend. In 1969 I decided to move to another country because of all the turmoil in the US. To make a long story short I sold everything and with Herb's help we moved to Ireland in 1971. We lived in County Clare for the whole year of and had a great time but had to come home because I ran out of money. Funny how that happens. When I came home I was depressed because I felt like I failed , but I pulled myself up again and with the help and support of Herb and my Dad we all moved into a nice house where we stayed for twelve years. My dad died in 1984 and the owner of the house sold it and my daughter and I were out in the street. Herb had moved out long ago and got married. I haven't seen him for a long time. I met my husband in 1983 but we didn't get together until I was without a house. He offered my daughter and I a room for no rent until we got on our feet. It didn't take us long. My husband and I fell in love shortly after and we were married in 1986. He has two daughters. Our family has grown now to seven grandchildren. Thanks for letting me bend your ear (so to speak).

Our Wedding Day!
Our Wedding Day
August 3, 1986
My daughter was my Maid of Honor.


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