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 Save Her


Are you supprised? Tell them to stop or you won't buy.


Below is Unilever brands.
You will be supprised.


Tell Whole Foods Market to stop supporting cruelty to animals by selling products such as
Ziplock bags (SC Johnson) and Arm and Hammer baking soda(Church & Dwight).
There are alternatives to every product that torture animals.
For more information go to

The Grief Behind Foie Gras

I guess this is somewhat of a victory, although it won't take place until 2012.
Schwarzenegger signs bill to ban force
feeding of birds

Producers have 7 years to find new way to make foie gras.



Ban Fur & The Idiots Who Wear it!!!
Soon to be skinned and probably while he is still alive.
He will soon look like the picture on the left..

Stop JLO and P Ditty.
Dead animals don't look good on them or anyone else.

Boycott Proctor & Gamble

The truth about Iams pet food

See how many products P&G has their dirty little fingers in. Click on the drop-down menu below.


Iams Kills

Iams kills

Six Flags Marine World
2001 Marine World Parkway, Vallejo, CA 94589

Shouka, an 11-year-old female orca, was taken from her family in France in May 2002 (Shouka was born in captivity. She was purchased by Six Flags and shipped to an amusement park in Ohio,where she has lived in solitary confinement in a tank for nearly two years. Now Marine World has brought her to Vallejo where her sad story continues. Orcas are highly social with strong family bonds. (In the wild, female orcas stay with their mothers for life.

Solitary confinement for an orca is a death sentence. By keeping her alone and away from her family (mother, siblings), Marine World is condemning Shouka to the same fate as other orcas at
the park - including Yaka and Vigga - who died prematurely in the park - tanks in 1997 and 2000 respectively. In the wild, orcas can swim 40 to 100 miles a day in the open sea. At Marine World, Shouka will spend her life in a small concrete, chlorinated pool that does not come close to a natural
orca habitat.

Since Six Flags bought Marine World in 1997 more than 28 animals have died - including two orcas (Vigga and Yaka, who died in their 20s), five elephants, two dolphins, and a dozen kangaroos and wallabies.

Current research shows that wild orcas live from 50-90 years. But Six Flags will never tell you this. Six orcas have died prematurely under Marine World's care. The death toll at the park totals six orcas and 39 dolphins, including at least 13 babies.

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